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  • **I grew up in Bergen**, Noord-Holland with my 8 bit NES and later my self-earned 16 bit SNES by being a paperboy. Inspired by games like Mario, Zelda, Mystic Quest & Secret Of Mana, I knew that I wanted to create games myself and started drawing heroes, dragons, elves and trees (I should mention girls as well). But I wanted more, so at some point I sold my game consoles and bought a PC with Klik & Play and Macromedia Director and learned to script, which provided me with a great preparation for the multimedia study I started the year after. During this period I moved on to C++ and DirectX which gave me the confidence that I could actually become a programmer. At some point a company invited me to work for them and that’s how I got into the Internet of things. Since then, I’ve worked for a variety of companies building a vast range of .NET applications, including for the web, desktop, servers, and embedded systems. In 2003 I started as a freelancer and developed a new CMS along the way to serve my clients. During that time I found out how hard it is to maintain and evolve a CMS all by yourself, so at some point I started looking for an open source CMS. Being in love with MVC, I was content when I found out about Oxite, but mesmerized when I found out about Orchard. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, blogging, jogging, working on personal projects and dreaming about my next killer RPG.
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  • I grew up in the suburbs of beautiful Paris where I enjoyed a happy, nerdy childhood. At age 10, I got my first computer, a TI-99/4A. Two years later, I self-published my first video game, and sold thousands of copies. This is about the time when I met Fabien, the beginning of a lifelong friendship. Together, we built an ambitious adventure game on the Atari 800XL. At age 20, I got accepted at École Normale Supérieure de Lyon where I studied physics and mathematics and then got myself a PhD in Mathematical Physics (my thesis title was "Ternary Algebraic Structures"). After that, I decided that I had understood all the mysteries of the world (joking). Wanting to go back to computer stuff, I joined a small web agency where I built what was probably the first CMS based on the nascent .NET platform. Microsoft recruited me shortly after that and moved me and my family across the Atlantic to work on building the next version of ASP.NET. During the eight years I spent there, I evangelized for the Open Source philosophy, participated in the adoption of jQuery and founded the effort to develop the Orchard CMS. In 2011, I co-founded Nwazet with Fabien, with the goal of freeing our imaginations and materializing our ideas in alignment with our convictions about openness.
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