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  • **I grew up in Bergen**, Noord-Holland with my 8 bit NES and later my self-earned 16 bit SNES by being a paperboy. Inspired by games like Mario, Zelda, Mystic Quest & Secret Of Mana, I knew that I wanted to create games myself and started drawing heroes, dragons, elves and trees (I should mention girls as well). But I wanted more, so at some point I sold my game consoles and bought a PC with Klik & Play and Macromedia Director and learned to script, which provided me with a great preparation for the multimedia study I started the year after. During this period I moved on to C++ and DirectX which gave me the confidence that I could actually become a programmer. At some point a company invited me to work for them and that’s how I got into the Internet of things. Since then, I’ve worked for a variety of companies building a vast range of .NET applications, including for the web, desktop, servers, and embedded systems. In 2003 I started as a freelancer and developed a new CMS along the way to serve my clients. During that time I found out how hard it is to maintain and evolve a CMS all by yourself, so at some point I started looking for an open source CMS. Being in love with MVC, I was content when I found out about Oxite, but mesmerized when I found out about Orchard. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, blogging, jogging, working on personal projects and dreaming about my next killer RPG.
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  • Jay Tang | VISUAL CREATURE is a freelance photographer and visual designer based in the Amsterdam area, The Netherlands. He specializes in visual identities, graphic design, web design and photography, which includes fashion, glamour & beauty, interiors, architecture and commercial works. Specialties: Branding and Visual Identities, Creative Thinking, Graphics Illustrations and Visuals, Print Design, HTML5, CSS3, Digital Retouching and Photography.
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