Structured Data SEO / json-ld

Hey Guys, how does everyone handle structured data for seo [more so: json-ld]. Reading google docs and schema.org reveals ever changing 'Name's and Types' / recommendations etc., so I need a plan that is edit-friendly and dynamic.

  1. As I have an organization site with several sub organizations requiring many structured data additions, I thought perhaps adding an SEO content-type to my content-items, but with so many json-ld attributes, there would be a need for many different types or one gigantic one that defines every possible attribute; not ideal.
  2. Or, just defining the businesses themselves along with addresses and other obvious records in the DB and pulling the required data into their own individually 'structured' views as required; therefore, only editing the views when structured-data schema changes are made.

Is there a better method or recommended procedure I could implement/code. Thanks in advance, Orlando

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